Is your platform starting to show its age?

Have you become dependent on physical infrastructure to scale?

Is your development team highly dependent on your release calendar and waiting on each other? Do you have a lot of overhead to deploy?

Traditional L1/L2/L3 support model with lot of handover/handoff?

Stability issues?

Not able to deliver features fast enough to keep pace with the business?

Partner with Promon

Let us partner with you to transform the system while actively supporting your business. Promon development team has proven experience in migrating from massive Legacy platforms to Micro services.

 Robust Rapid development framework for Micro Services

 Built-in Search Engine Integration

 Proven experience in migrating Legacy application to Micro services

Cloud Messaging Integration

Experience is vast number of API Gateway including our very own (yep , we build one to plug a gap)

Seamless Service Discovery

Commitment to Automation Testing

We commit ourselves to automate testing while we develop to reduce cost(of failure), save time and increase accuracy, confidence and reliability of our services.

Container and Cloud-native Deployment

Deploy via containers to any cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure that supports containerized services.

API Management

Follow an API-led strategy for application development, and enable both internal and external ecosytems to securely leverage, scale, and innovate using your data, systems, and devices.


Microservices Implementations

Promon, along with several services partners, can work with your organization to create a pragmatic plan to shift or re-architect some or all aspects of your systems, following a microservices approach that suits your needs.

Easy Head-Start

We ease the start of the development process for you. You have the opportunity to test the waters with our pilot project. With a small budget, short timeframe and any number of specialists on a team, you gain an understanding of how we communicate, engineer and deliver results.

Streamlined Methodology

We believe standard project management methodologies, as they are by definition, look good only on paper. Therefore, we use combinations of Scrum-based, Kanban and Waterfall methodologies along with well-established practices, such as Continuous Integration, QA Automation and more.


Better collaboration, communication and integration

Enhance operational knowledge into design phase

Create high-quality releases through automation

Seamless third-party integration

Enable continuous feedback

Provide automated environments